Your “too much” is somebody’s “I need more of this in my life”



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Your "too much" is somebody's "I need more of this in my life"

People need to start seeing themselves in a different light! In a recent soul-career consulting session I had with a wonderful young lady we discovered how a distorted perception of herself kept her stuck in a loop of negative self-fulfilling prophecies. 

Let me start by outlining the situation we worked with a little. So there is this young, driven, talented woman who thinks she’s been too flaky and indecisive about her field of expertise and what she’s supposed to do in her career. She has a fundamentally broad skillset and a lot of it has been self-taught in a matter of diligently gathering all the needed knowledge from different sources and lots of trial and error.

Now, she’s struggling to find clients in her self-employment (it happens to all of us, and the difference between someone who’s become successful in what they are doing is that they showed the needed resiliency and perseverance to overcome this hurdle and do the inner work required instead of quitting at this point – entrepreneurship is a journey!) because she’s being told she has to “niche” aka “water herself down” to fit into the lense of being an absolute expert at that *one* thing or nobody will hire her because she’s strayed too far of her initial field… *eyeroll*.

What she doesn’t see is that it’s 2023 and that she’s her “niche”!!

When I connected with her, I did not see an indecisive, incompetent, flawed human who must shrink herself to fit into an old business paradigm that is running its course (having one skill and working with it for all your life…)

I saw:
– somebody who is full of – I dare say massive – potential that no one ever has reflected back to her

– a dedicated, skilled young woman who takes initiative and responsibility and can cover more than just a handful of repetitive tasks

– a resilient, strong, self-taught woman with a zest to break free from limiting structures that don’t support her wild spirit

– somebody with the willingness to work hard, continuously grow from her own desire to do so, AND the humility to bring a sacrifice in the short run to work towards a long-term goal (perseverance, courage and foresight!)

– a woman who was brave enough to follow her intuitive nudges without having it all figured out, and holding the course, even when the wind wasn’t blowing into her sail (aka able to take calculated risks based on her instincts and not a calculated ROI)

But because of the limiting beliefs that had snuck and engrained themselves into her consciousness, she was looking in the wrong places (imagine going to hunt for organic fresh vegetables at the local city discounter at 9pm), reinforcing the belief she already held, making it stronger with every time she wasn’t hired – which made her work even harder and the disappointment even bigger.

A disempowering spiral that is hard to escape!

The truth is though, these traits are incredibly valuable and to be frank also rather rare! And because of that, a superficial society and unsupportive environment made her believe that SHE was the problem, and that she had to change the way she is instead of adjusting, or in more accurate terms, correct the way she sees & thinks of herself.

I hope I managed to crack her mind open to slowly allow a different perspective of herself to emerge because the world needs more people like her!

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 Photocredit: Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

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