What you do matters, but why you do it matters much more.

What you do matters, but why you do it matters much more

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Whilst skills and experience are certainly key, I find that personality and soft skills are crucial and can be underestimated in the (traditional) business world.

An entrepreneurial-spirited friend of mine once said the following words:

“Really, it’s very simple – if we could be friends outside of work, that is a safe indicator that we are a good match and the collaboration has potential.”

I couldn’t agree more!

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Industry Knowledge

Tools & Tech

Personal Interests

“Really, it’s very simple – if we could be friends outside of work, that is a safe indicator that we are a good match and the collaboration has potential.”

Personal Background

Bridging the Gap

If you are like me, you would like to get a feeling for someone before thinking of talking business with them. That’s why this page exists. I’d like to give you an impression of myself – unfiltered and honest because I have never understood why we make such a big – if not massive – difference between “business” and “personal”. The business self and the social self. Aren’t we bringing in every part of our personality and essence, when we create – especially when working in the creative realms of marketing?
The question I was never quite able to shake off during my corporate years; “Why aren’t we just human and accessible, especially when we want to bring a product, service or idea to a fellow human?”

And that’s why I would like to tell you a little bit more about myself

I love growth! My own, but more so other people’s.
Nothing lights me up more than helping others in growing their business and seeing them succeed. That’s why I am determined to help YOU grow, in helping you I’m doing something that makes me happy too, that’s why you can rest assured that my heart is 100% involved.

What moves me?

I’m passionate about online marketing/tech, anything that touches on personal & spiritual development & growth, psychology and the mystical. I deeply care about the environment, animal & human rights, and of course, love travelling. I have always been a forward-moving and hands-on person in all areas of my life. I’m driven to seek and aim for more by my adventurous spirit that pushes me out of my comfort zone over and over again to make sure I keep expanding.

I travel the world and work from anywhere

Yes, that’s right! I’m a so-called “Digital Nomad”. I don’t particularly like the nomadic label as I have found many places I call home, so I would prefer the cheesier version of global citizen – if we had to label it.

However, the point is, almost two years ago, I left my base in London to bring my travel dream into life, and here I am, living my best life!
*Due to Covid19, I’m currently temporarily based in my home country: Switzerland.  

A little bit about where I’m coming from…

I’m Swiss-Peruvian (strongly connecting to the shamanic roots lately), born and raised in Switzerland where I got my degree in Business Administration and Marketing and worked in sales and marketing for a total of 9 years before I felt like I needed a change of environment – quite literally. At the beginning of 2016, I moved from a small city in Switzerland with a population of roughly 70k to the metropolitan city of London, where I lived and worked in the world of digital marketing for three years.

What my travels are teaching me & how it influences my work

I believe that I was born in a very privileged part of the world, and therefore, grew up protected from all the madness and poverty some people have to face daily. I’ve had my struggles, as everyone does, but thank god polluted waters, streets and air, as well as poverty and insanely high crime rates, weren’t part of that. If I hadn’t travelled, I would have never realised how wrong things are in this world, and I would have lived a life in a protected bubble, in a corporate job, probably without making a big difference.
But to see with my own eyes how polluted our oceans are, the beaches, the streets. How women in so many countries are still underprivileged and/or have to live in constant fear when leaving the house because they could get assaulted, harassed or robbed anytime! How in so many countries it is not safe to take a taxi after dark when you are alone, especially as a women or young kid. And I’m not saying men don’t have their challenges, I know they do, but I can only speak as a woman, it’s by nature men just don’t experience the same reality we do when it comes to these – often simple – things, and hence have a harder time relating to things we worry about, that to them is no reason for concern at all. 

How the elderly, who deserve to enjoy their retirement after a long life of hard work are still going out there every day in order to make a living, to survive.

If I hadn’t left the countryside I grew up in, and the busy city life of London, I would have never seen through the unfiltered glasses of reality how often injustice starts at a very young age. Kids that are forced to go begging in the streets, missing out on opportunities for education, which of course doesn’t exactly pave the way to a bright future ahead either, resulting in a vicious generational cycle. How sometimes gangs, drugs and violence, or prostitution, sadly, is the only option some people have – or think they have because they have never seen or been shown anything else. 

Thankfully things are slowly changing as the level of consciousness gradually rises on the planet, but this doesn’t mean these things don’t still exist, they unfortunately do, more than we realise (or often want to realise). But if enough people work on the same goal, we can make the change.

We can give back the world some of the goodness it offers us, and one way for me to give back is by supporting YOU, promoting you, and what you offer, that will contribute to the positive change we are all longing for. I will do so with all my heart and knowledge because it is my sincerest wish to make this world a better place. Because I believe we can make it happen!

I’m also committed to donating a percentage of my income for a good cause. I already have been introduced to some great projects due to my travels but I’m always open to being introduced to new amazing projects! Feel free to drop me a line at hello@stefanieschawalder.com with a project that’s close to your heart and why you think it should be supported.