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Soul Purpose & Career Reading

Your dream job  has already been part of you since your birth

Most people believe it’s not possible to live + make money from what truly fulfills you, part of that belief comes from not knowing or having forgotten what makes them really happy. You have to imagine how you get conditionend and bombared since you were a child with other people’s opinions, fears and limitations. The society, family and environment you grew up in hugly influences the posibillities you see possible for yourself. No wonder, most of us end up finding ourselves in a career  “that makes sense” but extinguishes the flame of your soul little by little.

Let me ask you one question – what did you want to become as a kid? Not the thing your parents wanted to hear from you, but that thing that came from your heart, maybe there wasn’t even categorization for it but when you think back, you’ll remember the feeling of what it was. 

If you can’t remember it right now, don’t worry.

The goal of this soul purpose & career reading is to remember and re-kindle that feeling. I’ll guide to you re-explore it deeper and invite you to dream big without limitations. Imagine this being an invitation into a magical realm where for 75 min. everything is possible and you are free to explore your deepest wishes and desires.
Guided by me and the higher guidance of the universe, all that is needed from you is the willingness to leave the rational mind at the front door and invite your childlike spark as co-creator into this session. 

I believe that every single soul on this planet has an unique gift to offer, and it is connected to the deepest wishes of the heart. Nothing is random in the perfection of creation. You are here at this time because there is something your soul wants to accomplish something that lights a fire and a “next level passion” in you.


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Who is this for?
Anyone - if you feel like you are here for more but can't put your finger on what it is, and the feeling has been turning into a burning desire to "do something" about it - without really knowing what.

What can I expect?
We will uncover your deepest dreams & passions (even if you don't consciously know what they are) and look into your highest potential that spirit presents to me. We'll freely brainstorm tangible action points that you can take now to start manifesting that into your life - regardless if you want to make it your business or not. Figuring out what makes your soul truly happy is the foundation for stepping into your purpose-led career. 

How long is a session?
Sessions are 75 min. long.

What's the investment?
The session price is CHF 155.- ( ~EUR 160 / USD ~170)

Is this a one-time session or a program? 
This is a one-time session packed with information, guidance, condensed wisdom and practical action steps that you can start implementing right away. Purchase whenever you need it. Recording available.
Session can be done in English or German.

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unstuck yourself & spread your wings

Although you have a deep expanding calling to step into the next version of yourself, an invisible force is holding you back, keeping and yanking you back into old ways. Missign clarity could be another factor that keeps you timid about the next steps to take for your business and life, regardless if they are know to you or yet to be brought to your awareness from the depths of your soul. 

Un-stuck yourself is here to bring you clarity, make these invisible threads that are holding you back visible, bring healing to them, and pull you out of the mud into the liberating fulfilment of your life’s mission.

With the personal and nurturing support that you as a unique soul deserve!

You have been in a waiting room for too long, it is time to bring you the life that you so deeply desire and UN-STUCK yourself and spread your wings and SOAR. 

Over 12 weeks we will work on identifing, rewiring and healing what is keeping you stuck and put you on to the path to personal success & fulfilment.

#SOULPRENEUR You're a soulpreneur because your soul decided to dedicate this lifetime to helping others whilst living a free, authentic & sovereign life on your own terms.