Expansive Clarity Call for your soulbusiness

Clarity call for your soulbusiness

Soulpreneurs, healers, spiritual coaches, lightworkers and all other beautiful new Earth people – we are here to forge our own authentic path. To create a new paradigm that hasn’t been laid out yet. That is being created in this very moment, through YOU!

And sometimes, it can be confusing to see the way ahead. Sometimes, we get irritated because we FEEL the way forward, but we can’t SEE the path. And it’s easy to get confused about your next moves, even though you have an idea which direction to go. Sometimes, all you need is to recalibrate your inner compass, because its true north has been distorted by too many outside opinions and influences.

These sessions are here to help you regain YOUR clarity.

To move from feeling restricted into feeling expansive again!

To reconnect you to your heart’s wisdom so that you can move on with refreshed inner confidence, clarity and certainty in leaving your own legacy in this world.

My gifts of feeling energy (incl. blockages), emotions and neutralising them through shifting your perception bring you healing & empowerment in continuing to create your OWN path.

Through shining awareness on mental concepts that are blocking you from accessing your heart’s wisdom, they can start to dissolve and free the communication path with your heart.

After this session you will feel expanded, motivated and empowered in moving forward on your very own path of destiny.

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Who is this for?
The clarity call session is best for healers, holistic coaches, spiritual entrepreneurs, empaths, introverts, highly sensitive people, starseeds and lightworkers who are in the process of building and expanding their soulbusiness.

What can I expect?
After the session, you will feel reconnected to your heart's truth, expanded, motivated and empowered to move pass what has previously been holding you back or slowing you down.

How long is a session?
Sessions are 75 min. long.

What's the investment?
The session price is CHF 155.- ( EUR 158 / USD 170)

Is this a one-time session or a program?
This is a one-time session that you can purchase whenever you need it.

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unstuck yourself & spread your wings

Although you have a deep expanding calling to step into the next version of yourself, an invisible force is holding you back, keeping and yanking you back into old ways. Missign clarity could be another factor that keeps you timid about the next steps to take for your business and life, regardless if they are know to you or yet to be brought to your awareness from the depths of your soul. 

Un-stuck yourself is here to bring you clarity, make these invisible threads that are holding you back visible, bring healing to them, and pull you out of the mud into the liberating fulfilment of your life’s mission.

With the personal and nurturing support that you as a unique soul deserve!

You have been in a waiting room for too long, it is time to bring you the life that you so deeply desire and UN-STUCK yourself and spread your wings and SOAR. 

Over 12 weeks we will work on identifing, rewiring and healing what is keeping you stuck and put you on to the path to personal success & fulfilment.

#SOULPRENEUR You're a soulpreneur because your soul decided to dedicate this lifetime to helping others whilst living a free, authentic & sovereign life on your own terms.