Stefanie Schawalder

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Some examples of my work can be found below.

Client: Claire Wilkinson Yoga, Meditation & Holistic Healing

Project: Facebook Ads, Design & Copy
Landing Page Redesign
Trigger Email Redesign (merge four separate emails into one)




Full Adcopy

Before Redesign

After Redesign

Landing Page Redesign

(Only part of the pages displayed, otherwise image would be too big, click on the link to go to the pages)


  • Time sensitive (less than 12 hours timeframe for redesign)
  • Built on Squarespace with very limited and basic functions and design options
  • No prior Squarespace knowledge from my side (I’m experienced in WordPress and Drupal)


  • 21% Conversion rate for sign ups  for the free course from PPC (FB & Instagram) channel
  • Landing Page is integrated in main web site (as opposed to being a random Mailchimp LP) for more credibility and if people wanted to find out more)

Before Redesign

After Redesign

New Trigger Email

Client: Model Group (Packaging Industry)

Project: Coorporate design campaign for job advertising  on social media

Client: Model Group (Packaging Industry)

Project: Social media management 
Facebook posts (German) & design references – all designs created by me

Client: Loxotipu GmbH, London/Switzerland, Web Services 
 Situation: They asked me for support with the UX design of their service section on the website for their “Wild 6” service offers.


My suggestion (which they applied)

Client: Christina Siciliani Ayurveda

Project: Facebook post visual for her free Ayurveda guide, my design proposal

Client: Adeena Blumenfeld

Project: Branding, copywriting, website content, design and execution for her service “Conscious Parenting Consulting”.


Website (click on image below)

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