The number 1 reason for the lack of Motivation & success for the heart-based soulpreneur

No, or not the right support from your environment, friends, family or people who get you and your mission – and understand that this is more than just a hobby or “regular” business to you. A lack of understanding and empathy that this is your legacy and your heart is at stake.

The Number 1 antidode for lacking success & motivation:

The right support from people who deeply get and see you on a SOUL-LEVEL, who understand that this is not just a business to you, but your soul’s mission manifest. Your life’s purpose that you want to live, breathe, make your life’s priority and – rightfully so – monetise.

Next Steps

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Booking and Payment Conditions for Initial session

The session will be charged at CHF 250.- when you go ahead with the booking of the appointment.
This amount will be credited back to you towards the full payment, If you decide to join “unstuck yourself” within 7 days.
Meaning this sessions will become free if we continue working together in “unstuck yourself” within a week of the initial session.

If after the initial session you decide to not move ahead (no reasons required I just ask you that you let me know within 5 days to free up your spot) this is the amount payable for the single one time session and there will be no refund and the amount can not be credited towards any other program or service. 
Please note, this is currently the only possibility to book a single session with me.

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