3 Signs You Already Have What It Takes To Be A Successful Soulpreneur

signs you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur with soul


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If your dream is to follow your passion and be able to make a living with it but you don’t know it you have it in you, here are 3 clear signs that you have all it takes to be a successful Soulpreneur.

3 signs you already have what it takes to be successful in your soul business

  1.  A deep desire to help and make other people’s lives better, easier, and healthier – it makes you genuinely happy when you can support others. This is a clear sign you are here to bring your gift and energy into the world and help the people and the planet.

  2. A unique gift your soul brought into this life for this purpose (if you are aware of it or not you have gifts that are unique to you – what lights a spark in you? What are you deeply passionate about?)

  3. A life / soulplan that has been supporting your mission as a soulpreneur; meaning you’ve chosen a 3D career or environment that acts as a foundation & learning/preparation ground for what your soul is here to do even if it might not be that clear or obvious to you right now (it will, when you can look back at it from further down the line).
    This can range from placing you into a specific industry, to being in a field where you meet the people you need to meet to follow your life’s plan, to gathering social skills, learning some specific skills that will support you in activating & using your soul gifts, practicing boundaries & assertiveness to shaping your personality in the direction of your highest expression. For me it was perfect to have had a very broad background in marketing, design, administration etc. to now be able to run my own online-business while being location-independent.
    Now I also understand why parts of me liked what I did and another part detested it (my soul liked that I was learning what I needed but knew at the same time it wasn’t where these skills will be most beneficial in the future. This higher awareness filtered into my conscious mind as the dislike of what I was doing, because it was not fully aligned to what my soul came here to do and I felt that dissonance on a conscious level.

In the end, it’s not the strategy, the business model and all that mind-created stuff that will help you make it through the hard times. What really count’s is your inner motivation and alignment to your Soul’s plan for this lifetime. 

These are things you can’t learn and you can’t buy or outsource. It’s what drives you every day, and that’s ultimately what’s gonna make you successful as a purpose-led entrepreneur.  

Everything else is just a construct created by a society that heavily relies on purley mind-based, limiting, predictable structures that will not be able to withstand the open expansion into free flowing energy this earth is currently undergoing.

Soulpreneur Support

If your being is calling you forward to go with this expansion and you are looking for guidance and support, check out my Soul & Purpose Career Reading Session or My Clarity Call For Purpose-Led Entrepreneurs

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