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Hey fellow Soulpreneur,

In this audio lesson, I share some deep insights about my own journey with energetic pricing and the mistakes and lessons I’ve learnt so that you can start off without having to repeat those and jump straight into aligned pricing for your purpose-led business & the secrets to expanding your capacity to receive the amount you desire to be paid.

Audio Lesson Detailed Description:
This audio episode teaches you about finding alignment, ease & peace with setting prices for your products & services.

It also addresses why this is a very intimate and individual topic and why the “over-the-counter advice” for the masses doesn’t work for you – the heart-based, spiritually-oriented soulpreneur. 

If you’re just starting or have been feeling stuck or limited in your ability to make money with your soul business, this will be an inspiring audio lesson for you.  

In this extended Patreon version, we dive deeper into the needed alignment of heart and head to create ease in the process of setting your prices and how you can still make money while working on your goals and growing your business. 

 ⁃ We look at why we sometimes get the feeling of being stuck as heart-based entrepreneurs as well as developing a deeper understanding why and how we sabotage ourselves when it comes to pricing.  

In a nutshell:
Energetic Pricing
- how to know what the right price is taking mind & heart into consideration

As well as:
– what to do if you’re under pressure to make money + how to create fast results to relieve the pressure – how to re-aligning mind & heart long term to bring more ease into this process – how to know what you are ready to receive on a heart and mind level (and when + how to make adjustments)  

For Who Is This?
-> This is for you if you have been struggling with confidence in your business, have people-pleaser tendencies and feel like you have been conditioned by the corporate business world in a way that doesn’t support your sensitive, empathic and intuitive nature.

You can listen to the first 5 minutes of this episode for free to check in if you resonate with the energy. If you do, the full version can be purchased in the shop.

Looking for support on your soulpreneur journey?
I offer different 1:1 sessions and programs to help you uncover your blocks and step into your soul’s power, which you can find here and here

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