Is It Okay To Be Authentic In Business?



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Have you ever found  yourself wondering: “Is it okay to be authentic in business?
Well, it’s not only okay. Authenticity in the business world is extremely needed!! Not only will it be liberating to you, you’ll also start attracting the right people into your business, and that’s where the magic happens!

I don’t know about you, but I was soo scared to show up as my authentic Self in my business. “What would people think about me?”, “I’m sure they will judge me… “, “they will not like me…”, “they will not want to work with me…” la la la. All these stories kept playing on repeat in my mind.

I was soo scared that if I dared to expose how I thought about this and the biz world, I would end up broke and alone because everyone would have abandoned me, and nobody would want to work with me anymore.

The liberation from showing up as your true self

Today, I know better! And I’m in this place where – even if they did abandon me for these reasons – I have enough trust in myself to know that it would be alright, that it would be temporary and if people don’t like the real me, well, maybe it’s about time they vibe out of my orbit. 

Today, I love myself enough to stop hiding who I really am in exchange for some inauthentic likes and love built on a fake personality.

The liberation you gain from being authentic cannot be measured in money or possessions. It’s the liberation of the soul.

I believe that we came here equipped with what we need to fulfil our mission. And our mission can only be fulfilled when we start showing up as the being we are at our core. And yes, also – if not especially – in business.

Before that, all your attempts to truly succeed and be happy with what you do, will be cloaked with what you use to cover up the real you.


The liberation you gain from being authentic cannot be measured in money or possessions. It’s the liberation of the soul.

acting from an authentic place

You are here to follow the calling of your soul. And your soul doesn’t call for (metaphorical) masks. It calls for you to show up as you and start acting from this authentic place, and that – if you are a soulpreneur like me –  includes your business!

Everything you do has to do with your soul mission. Your hobby, your work, the place you live. You wouldn’t live in a place you don’t like just because someone may or may not expect that from you would you?
So, why are you still trying to please others with what you do for a living? The more of us start showing up more authentically in every aspect of our lives, the more this transformation gains momentum and the easier it gets to take off the mask we put on to protect ourselves. And the more we empower and enable everybody around us to show up more authentically as well. It’s peer-pressure in a positive way :-)!

This is the new paradigm, this is where this world is going and it’s up to us, how slow or fast this transition is going to be.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to live in a beautiful world. In a world where we are free to be. Restricting your true personality feels like constantly holding your breath. Living free and authentically feels like taking deep breaths of fresh air at every moment of the day.

I wish you the strength and self-love to show up as your soul asks you to – a little bit more every day.

Until next time fellow soulpreneur.

Much love,

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