Soulpreneur Marketing support,
coaching & career consulting - for the soulful, spiritual, heart-based entrepreneur.

For empaths, lightworkers, highly sensitives and introverts who want to live a life & run a business true to themselves and their values.

Welcome, beautiful soul

I’m Stefanie and I help soulpreneurs with a big vision and an even bigger heart like YOU moving + breaking through limitations, insecurities,  mental, emotional & energetical barriers to empower you with deeply rooted self-esteem and confidence to move forward with clarity and joy in your soulbusiness!

This is the right place for you to transform from the doubtful, timid entrepreneur with a big heart-vision to the soulful embodiment of the confident, successful and abundant soulpreneur

Living your life’s mission, being your own star and fully in charge of your life and business. 

In deep alignment with your Soul mission, personal values, happiness & fulfilment.

I help you turn your Soul's passion into your career. Seeing, supporting and fostering your Soul's unique gifts through coaching, mindset & energetic alignment + healing work and conscious marketing.

Calling in all Soulpreneurs

  • You have a deep inner calling and a big vision for yourself, an expansive urge to make a difference in the world and the people you interact with.

  • You sense that you are here for more, for bigger, and that it is time for you, YOUR time. Your time to share what you came here to share, to teach what you came here to teach, to fulfil whatever your soul has planned for you in this lifetime.

  • And yet, there is a missing piece in your life that's holding you back from the bright and impactful future you see, sense and dream for yourself. Doubt is prevalent and keeps pulling you back into your comfort zone - even if you occasionally dare to spread your wings for a short period of time and sore out, the overwhelming doubt collapsed your efforts sooner or later, keeping you stagnant in different areas of your life and affection your motivation and wellbeing negatively.

To spread their wings and fly

But now these times are over! You have found the right place for support. The resources that support you in finally taking that leap into this next chapter of your life :-). Where you joy- and gracefully spread your wings. A life, where doubt has been replaced with a deep inner confidence which acts as the wind beneath your wings.

A deeply grounded knowing that you can do this with the power of your own resources which frees you from any outside dependencies.

Your strength and confidence come from the inside now and emanate through your being into your surroundings, positively influencing all areas of your life.

unstuck yourself & spread your wings

Although you have a deep expanding calling to step into the next version of yourself, an invisible force is holding you back, keeping and yanking you back into old ways. Missign clarity could be another factor that keeps you timid about the next steps to take for your business and life, regardless if they are know to you or yet to be brought to your awareness from the depths of your soul. 

Un-stuck yourself is here to bring you clarity, make these invisible threads that are holding you back visible, bring healing to them, and pull you out of the mud into the liberating fulfilment of your life’s mission.

With the personal and nurturing support that you as a unique soul deserve!

You have been in a waiting room for too long, it is time to bring you the life that you so deeply desire and UN-STUCK yourself and spread your wings and SOAR. 

Over 12 weeks we will work on identifing, rewiring and healing what is keeping you stuck and put you on to the path to personal success & fulfilment.

Heal and Rewire

activate the liberation your soul is yearning for

Feeling alone and unsupported in what you are building is the main factor you are hesitant and disempowered from moving forward with your business.

Feeling unseen, unheard & unsupported takes a huge toll on the motivation for a soulpreneur.

And yet, your life’s work is soo important and your soul knows that, so it keeps pushing you forward

The push of your soul and the lack of support keep you in a difficult space – one that feels stuck. A push and pull; You lack the motivation and tools to move forward and yet, there is this nagging feeling that keeps pushing you into your heart’s desired direction. At times it feels like it is tearing you apart.

Feels familiar?
Un-Stuck is here to help you get out of this place, and find your mojo again in order to move forward, and not just “continue going” –
I’m talking about being excited about your soul’s mission again and move forward with excitement and joy!

Heal and rewire the blueprint of how you think of yourself. 

If you are ready to step into the fullness of your soul business join me in a 12 weeks private 1:1 programme that brings you joyful clarity, healing, and the permission to be truly yourself in your soul-business

The number 1 reason for the lack of motivation & success for the heart-based soulpreneuer

No, or not the right support from your environment, friends, family or people who get you and your mission – and understand that this is more than just a hobby or “regular” business to you. A lack of understanding and empathy that this is your legacy and your heart is at stake.

The Number 1 antidode for lacking success & motivation:

The right support from people who deeply get and see you on a SOUL-LEVEL, who understand that this is not just a business to you, but your soul’s mission manifest. Your life’s purpose that you want to live, breathe, make your life’s priority and – rightfully so – monetise.

The soulpreneur webinar

Soulpreneur Webinar: New Marketing Paradigm

1. How soulpreneurism is different from regular businesses and how you benefit from understanding the difference
2. My old-paradigm marketing background and what led me to create a new paradigm 
3. How marketing and ethics go together in the new paradigm in a way that aligns with your soul and to your soul-mission <
4. The soulpreneur journey is a journey back to yourself : How to overcome obstacles and internal blockages that arise along the way and why they are there in the first place (hint: it’s not your fault!)
5. The inner work of the soulpreneur to create strong business foundations
6. Common sore points for Soulpreneurs: Marketing & Selling  and how to overcome them in a way that aligns with your values
7. Do what you came here to do and make a living from it – take that first step now 

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