Inspired action: Action backed up with energetic force



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Have you ever wondered why anger is such a catalysator? And how, when you are angry, you suddenly have the power to make changes in areas that have been stagnant before? Or, how when you raise your voice in anger after your first complaint got ignored at the restaurant, you’re suddenly being taken seriously?

I have.

And the answer I received from the universe was that anger has a high emotional charge (as we know). Meaning any action taken under the influence of anger comes with a massively charged ball of life force energy.

Now, I’m just using the emotion of anger as a relatable example to demonstrate how much more power there is in an act when your actions are backed up by energy as opposed to taking action without putting energy (emotion) into it.

The stronger you feel about something, the more energy you put into something, the higher the impact.

Now imagine the results your actions could bring if they were backed up with an aligned blast of life-force energy. That’s what’s being called “inspired action”

The energy carves the pathway for the (physical) action to follow through smoothly.
I like to compare it to a pipe or a hose that gathers and funnels the water in a concentrated way to where it is needed.

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