5 steps on how to overcome fear of being seen for good

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Fear of being seen can manifest in many ways but the most common ways it shows up and limits soulpreneurs in their business is procrastination, self-sabotaging behaviours – such as dimming your light, selling yourself under value, keeping your outreach consciously (or subconsciously) small – and a general lack of taking the action that has the power to propel you forward.

Fear of being seen always is an expression of a deeper emotional trauma that often has its root in childhood (read more about it here: your marketing isn’t your problem your fear is).

Here are five steps how to overcome the fear or being seen (click on the arrow to swipe through the post):

As you see, fear of being seen is not natural to you and is something that can be transformed and rewired. When you decide to face your fears, you can turn them around into your strengths. Your fear of being seen can turn into a deeply rooted confidence.

Are you antsy to overcome your fear of being seen in your business and move out of the “stuck” in-between (having started, not being seen) place?

Check out my new transformational 1:1 sessions that help you transform your limitations into deep-rooted confidence.

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