Audio Lesson: Soul-Aligned Pricing

Hey fellow Soulpreneur, In this audio lesson, I share some deep insights about my own journey with energetic pricing and the mistakes and lessons I’ve learnt so that you can start off without having to repeat those and jump straight into aligned pricing for your purpose-led business & the secrets to expanding your capacity to […]

POV: Your Employer Isn’t Your Parent – Workplace Expectations That Go Too Far

Employer have certain responsibilities, BIG YES- but, I’m witnessing a trend growing from one extreme to the other.

Giving all self-responsibility away and placing a lot of unrealistic expectations for personal well-being that should be in your hands and not in the hands of institutions like employers, governments, health departments etc.

Inspired action: Action backed up with energetic force

Have you ever wondered why anger is such a catalysator? And how, when you are angry, you suddenly have the power to make changes in areas that have been stagnant before? Or, how when you raise your voice in anger after your first complaint got ignored at the restaurant, you’re suddenly being taken seriously? I […]

5 steps on how to overcome fear of being seen for good

Fear of being seen can manifest in many ways but the most common ways it shows up and limits soulpreneurs in their business is procrastination, self-sabotaging behaviours – such as dimming your light, selling yourself under value, keeping your outreach consciously (or subconsciously) small – and a general lack of taking the action that has […]

Is It Okay To Be Authentic In Business?

Have you ever found yourself wondering: “Is it okay to be authentic in business?”
Well, it’s not only okay. Authenticity in the business world is extremely needed!! Not only will it be liberating to you, you’ll also start attracting the right people into your business, and that’s where the magic happens!

Your Marketing Isn’t Your Problem, Your Fear Of Being Seen Is

Are you struggling to attract clients? Are you taking bootcamp after masterclass to improve your marketing skills, but no matter what you try it seems to be unsuccessful and your efforts fizzle out after time? Have you tried many things but you don’t seem to get “this marketing thing” right? Read on to discover what’s really blocking your marketing efforts.

What Is Conscious Marketing?

Marketing might bring up an uneasy association for some people, especially the people I tend to work with, because those are often the people who work in professions focused on helping others and making this earth a better place. 

I understand where this aversion to marketing comes from; because I’ve had it myself!